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[FbL010] I've Lost


Short bio
Bobby was raised in the desert southwest of the United States, and this is where his interest began in ambient music. He was inspired by the wide open spaces, harshness of the climate, and sublime landscapes of the desert. He was also highly inspired by the highly spiritual, and conversely, tumultuous history of the area. He now lives in Portland, Oregon where the gray skies and cityscapes, for him, are elements of a somewhat ideal climate for introspection.

Through Bobby’s research, life experiences, and in reading Existentialist philosophy, he came to the conclusion that all we really have at our fingertips is the very moment we exist within. And how we navigate, or make choices within any moment is greatly influenced by our ever fading memories. Then we have new memories and experiences. Consequently, we are ever becoming something new. This then becomes the basis for Bobby’s approach to the creation of his art.

I’ve Lost’ s work has at its core this importance of the creation process. Bobby begins with making a simple choice... of sounds, textures, and notes. As the memory of each choice comes back around, he reacts to that memory with a new choice. This is all done in the moment with very little planning, and no editing. At some level, Bobby allows the works to evolve on their own, but there are times when a theme emerges and continues to ride underneath the layers of sounds. From his arts education, he has developed a personal sense of the importance of improvisation – to create in the moment from what is at hand. The idea for Bobby is a reaction to the time and place of the moment, and perform from an internal space, as well as react to external situations. His work then, is a very personal expression of an emotional state, place, and time. Like a painter or sculptor, he understands the importance of the mark of the hand, the tension between rawness and refinement, and the use of colors and textures. Bobby also feels it is important not to deny the fact that the art creator brings his own experiences and sensibilities to the creation process. And this idea goes hand in hand with the idea that the listener will also bring their own selves to the work, which effectively creates for the listener their own personal meaning and interpretation of the work.

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This was a marvelous project pursued during 4 years. It had the main intention of providing listeners pleasure and tribute to the artist.

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