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[FbL013] Bernadette Erikka - Lie With Care


When my good friend Leonardo Rosado asked me to write some introduction notes to the new Bernadette Erikka’s EP “Lie with care”, I accepted with pure enthusiasm.
And this for several reasons, beside my friendship with Leonardo: FbL netlabel is continuously improving the quality of its releases and the services they provide to artists is much more than a link from which you can download the albums and of course, the curiosity to listen to Bernadette’s work, a pianist (my field!) as well.
Reading the bio in her website, you may discover that Bernadette interests in arts are not only limited to music: she keeps following different paths, including painting, graphics and writing. So my curiosity grew once I read about this “total” artist, who was about to release “Lie with care” EP on one of my favourite netlabel.

“Lie with care” is far away from being a mere “short EP” as the artist humbly says – the total length of the 5 tracks (more than 30 minutes), entitles it to be considered a full album, with its own, clear and strong personality. This is the first adjective I had while listening to the first track of the EP: personality.

Bernadette’s style, far away from being labeled as “common” or “mainstream”, consists, at a first glimpse, in a restless stream of piano notes, that keep falling like water drops in the ocean, during a heavy rainy day.

Digging into her musical world is not something you may do at the first listen: the musician, I think, wants you to give time to appreciate her music, listening to it again and again in order to discover the underlying beauty of her musical lines.

This is the advice I want to give you: take time to listen to this “Lie with care” EP, possibly without any other distractions, and you’ll find yourself surprised in slowly discovering and recognizing this artist inner musical ideas, that flow through the whole album as rich, fresh and vivid rivers… Just like it happened to me!

Short Biography

Bernadette Erikka is a digital musician & performer who creates original music, soundscapes/sound environments. Following her family's rich artistic traditions she has been active in several artistic fields including painting & graphics, writings and singing/composing. She has extensive educational background in art history, graphics, new media, sound art, piano, flute and singing. She is active as a musician.since 2010. Her recent works include video soundtracks, theme songs, game music and dark ambient chillout music. She does voice-overs and other performances too. Bernadette Erikka works solo and in collaborations too.

For the record: Bernadette was born in 1983, studied at the Moholy N.L. Art Studio and Haifa University, among others, competed in chess won a newspaper title competition and she is also an avid ping-pong player. 

mastered by madSavVy Productions
photo by Jessica Aliaga Lavrijsen
cover design by Leonardo Rosado
(cc) by nc nd April 2011


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This was a marvelous project pursued during 4 years. It had the main intention of providing listeners pleasure and tribute to the artist.

Available music in the web is a marvelous world to uncover. There are netlabels and record labels for all genres and you can find out there everything. Go and find them out.