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After his latest cd “Filament”, considered by the Indie Rock Mag as one of the best Drone/Ambient records of the year, Vitor Joaquim is now preparing his new cd “Geography”. Like the previous edition, “Geography” is also released by Kvitnu, the acclaimed Ukrainian label. Like "Filament", this cd will also be published by Ukrainian Kvitnu, counting on with the collaboration of Luis Dourado on graphics, and with sound contributions from Simon Fisher Turner, Carlos Zingaro, Ulrich Mitzlaff and Nuno Rebelo, among others. The output will be scheduled for late September 2012.

Luis Dourado, Portuguese visual and graphic artist based in Porto, is taking care of the cover and is also producing a very special artwork to be included on Geography. It’s a piece in itself that in a certain metaphorical point of view can also be seen as a sound road map for the cd. The theme of the cd is related with the thesis of geographical determinism presented by Jared Diamond in his book “Guns, Germs, and Steel”. Basically, it says that geographical localization is fundamental in the determination and development of all human cultures across the globe. This idea was studied and analysed over tens of years through direct contact in all continents, and is systematically expressed in this fantastic book. So, indirectly, this cd is also a homage to Mr. Diamond and the tenacity that he showed in the study of such a profound and serious subject: The study of humans in the form of “a short history of everybody for the last 13,000 years”. Searching for an explanation to so much cargo...

Basically, the project is intended:
- to support the design, production and release of the CD, specially with regards to the complexity of the printed graphics, given the dimensions of the detachable printed material, and the quality of the printing paper that we want to use. Since we are looking for a very special texture, we do not want to risk the fragility of the folds that are needed to compact the piece;
- to cover some traveling costs that are necessary;
- the preparation of the show that corresponds to it;
- delivery costs of orders (contributors of this project, journalists, cultural programmers, etc.).
- cover the costs of the rewards (cd’s, booklet printing, creating and printing a series of 10 original pieces of Luis Dourado);
- finally, to repay Luis Dourado for his artwork, as well as to finance the 10 limited pieces.

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This was a marvelous project pursued during 4 years. It had the main intention of providing listeners pleasure and tribute to the artist.

Available music in the web is a marvelous world to uncover. There are netlabels and record labels for all genres and you can find out there everything. Go and find them out.