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[FbL.rec018] Derek Piotr - AGORA Regathered

After the remix album released at FeedbackLoop Derek Piotr has now AGORA Regathered available at bitsquare records. This is our recommendation today.

After releasing my solo record AGORA earlier this year, on which AGF assisted in production, I decided to release a remix album, titled AGORA Regathered. Regathered features input from Scanner, Blevin Blectum, and Steinbr├╝chel among many others. over half a year was spent curating this material and the final collection of remixes was carefully cherry picked. I see these tracks as not simply remixes but essential extensions of the original ideas.

AGORA Regathered was a chance for me to expand on the initial concept of the AGORA record by gathering together diverse re-presentations of my work. I carefully chose mixers from widely different demographics, both notable and obscure, but all of whom are dear to my heart. this echoes the concept of the ancient agora, by uniting people from various backgrounds into a single moment.

As is reflected in the final outcome, their approaches varied, but after placing calls for several versions of each track on AGORA from a vast range of artists I deeply respect, I patiently selected the remixes that I felt best exemplified a natural extension of my original tracks. the result is a collection which takes my compositions to their core and magnifies their essence. this was an exciting and rewarding record to curate; I send endless thanks to everyone involved and especially to my listeners.

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This was a marvelous project pursued during 4 years. It had the main intention of providing listeners pleasure and tribute to the artist.

Available music in the web is a marvelous world to uncover. There are netlabels and record labels for all genres and you can find out there everything. Go and find them out.