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A personal plead

Due to having had my apartment robbed, some very important items were stolen, among them my laptop and my SLR digital camera.

As you can imagine this is not only an horrible situation but it also cripples a lot my ability to make music, and run normally the two labels I run (FeedbackLoop Label and Heart and Soul Publishers).

Fortunately I had finished my latest album and now I am releasing it so I can buy at least a new laptop to be back to my activities as soon as possible.

I am aiming at a value of 2000€, so if you can help me by buying my album I would be very thankful. In addition to buying the digital version of The Blue Nature of Everyday.

I'll be, later in the year/begin 2013, releasing through Heart and Soul a CDr version of it and I will include all people who buy in the thank you credits. Also, if you are very generous on your support (around 20€) you'll have a CDr copy for free.

I'll be keeping track of the amount of money that was donated to this and I would like to thank you upfront for your help and for spreading the word as much as possible.

Yours truly,

Leonardo Rosado

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  1. Fine work, Leo! I'll be buying this tonight when I get home. It's great that so many people are responding. :)


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